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KM11 Pressure Transducer

The Ashcroft® KM11 with stainless steel case pressure transducer provides outstanding integrity concerning high shock, vibration and pressure cycling.

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KXF Flush Mounted Pressure Transducer

The Ashcroft® KXF with flush diaphragm is a proven and versatile pressure transducer/transmitter. Sensor technology and assembly method eliminates signal instability and drift; making this product virtually unaffected by shock or vibration.

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Acid Leak Detection (ALD)

Acid Leak Detection (ALD) Assembly has a special yellow coating that changes to red once it is exposed to acids with a pH of ≤ 3, providing visual indication of a leak of process media.

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8008S Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft 8008S delivers the advanced features of a larger gauge in a small, economical package for applications requiring an all stainless steel instrument for harsh environments.

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S1 Pressure Transducer

The Ashcroft® S1 OEM pressure transducer incorporates Ashcroft’s proven CVD sensing technology to provide a cost effective transducer that provides superior performance. The S1 is designed

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T6500W High Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® T6500 stainless steel pressure gauge has become an industry standard. Providing high reliability, versatility and performance, it proves an ideal product for satisfying many applications

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