Strategic portfolio management for a compressor manufacturer

Topics & Impulses


A European compressor manufacturer with a worldwide distribution network requires different instrumentation solutions for monitoring the measured variables pressure, temperature and level for its products.

In addition to the high degree of customisation of the instrumentation products, other important criteria were the focus of the joint consultations.

There was an urgent desire to reduce the company’s own cost- and time-intensive stock-keeping to a necessary minimum. Internal procurement processes were to be reduced or, if possible, completely rationalised. Due to the worldwide use of its end products, the manufacturer had a clear focus on international product approvals.

In our structured quotation process, we were able to offer the prospective customer not only the measurement technology products according to his specification, but also provide real added value through coordinated solution proposals for his everyday challenges.

Our supplier concept provided for:

    • Proposed stocking at the local Ashcroft office


    • Defined replenishment period


    • Delivery & logistics concept


This integral concept enabled the client to reduce its current number of suppliers from a total of three to just one partner, resulting in a significant streamlining of internal processes and potential process errors.

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