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The necessary instrumentation in the oil and gas industry has been associated with Ashcroft® products from the beginning. We have been supporting and supplying this industry for decades with a history and expertise that cannot be matched. Our product portfolio ensures the safety of workers and processes in oil and gas production, transportation and processing, worldwide on many major oil and gas installations. You can rely on our measurement equipment, even under extreme operating conditions, we have the right product for you for highly reliable measurement.

From the wellhead to refining and transportation, the challenges of the oil and gas industry are extensive and diverse. Meeting the highest standards of safety and environmental protection while keeping costs under pressure: our Ashcroft engineers understand the complexity of oil and gas processes and are there to with experience and expertise. We work with you to ensure appropriate solutions to these challenges.
Our gauges are designed to withstand very harsh conditions and operate reliably over the long term, whether in the oilfield, on offshore oil platforms, or even in the oil shale field. Due to the conformity according to NACE guidelines, you can trust our pressure gauges, diaphragm seals and SIL-capable pressure switches.
On the tanker, at the transfer station, and all along the pipeline, from the first pump station to the last, Ashcroft has the answer for every application. With our pressure and temperature measurement technology, we ensure monitoring and control of the flow process.
Applications with aggressive process media, sour gas and other corrosive fluids can be served with our NACE-compliant and SIL-capable devices. We ensure there is no danger to operations or your personnel with our assemblies of gauges and diaphragm seals. Innovative product features increase the safety and efficiency of the gauges and guarantee a good reading in dynamic processes with pulsation and/or vibration.


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ASHCROFT is a leading provider of temperature and pressure measurement and control solutions for customers in a wide range of industries. We provide sensors, switches, gauges, transmitters and other instrumentation that keep industrial plants operating efficiently, reliably and safely. By partnering with us for their instrumentation needs, professionals benefit from:

Extensive experience

With over 165 years in business, we have a comprehensive understanding of industrial applications and processes. This insight enables us to develop equipment that is precisely tailored to the needs of the plant to ensure it runs efficiently, cleanly and consistently.

The ability to offer cost savings

Our extensive experience allows us to identify potential optimisation opportunities within a facility. By implementing these recommendations, industry professionals can experience better system performance, lower energy costs and greener operations.

Commitment to quality

Our products are compliant/approved with numerous national and international standards, including ISO 9001, ATEX, CE, UL and FM. However, our team is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and processes even further.

Durable and reliable products

Our sophisticated instruments – e.g. our pressure gauges and switches – are designed to work reliably even under extreme conditions. For example, they can be made of compatible wetted material for application environments with corrosive pressure media, or constructed in government-approved, explosion-proof designs for hazardous environments.

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