Chemie Petrochemie



The chemical and petrochemical industry places the highest demands on instrumentation for pressure and temperature measurement.

Our products and solutions are designed and built specifically for this sector – and remain operational even under the harshest conditions, ensuring your process reliability at all times.

Chemie Petrochemie


Aggressive process media, high temperature loads, heavy mechanical stresses and use in potentially explosive atmospheres must be handled and guaranteed by the measuring instruments used to ensure process safety under all circumstances.

Since the company was founded in 1852, Ashcroft has been serving customers as a partner in this industry segment, providing you with your suitable instrument for the accurate recording of pressure and temperature values through measuring instruments specially developed for the high demands of the chemical and petrochemical industries.

The Ashcroft T55 process pressure gauge or the T65 safety version are worldwide industry standards. Ashcroft process gauges also have the patented option to withstand strong vibrations and/or pulsations without the need for a filling medium.

/ PLUS!™ - Version for non-liquid-filled process pressure gauges

Vibrations or pulsations can make it impossible to read a dry manometer. In the long term, these effects can lead to the failure of the measuring instrument. This can result in process contamination, personal and environmental damage and defects in machines and systems. For this reason, pressure gauges with highly viscous liquids such as glycerine and silicone back as a filling medium are usually used for such critical applications to prevent the pointer from fluttering.

While this option dampens vibrations, it also creates a multitude of difficulties, such as: the possibility of leaking meters. Recalibration can sometimes become messy and this solution is also quite critical from an economic point of view, as the acquisition costs are significantly increased and, depending on the customer’s needs, double stock-keeping is necessary.

As the perfect alternative to the filled pressure gauge, Ashcroft® we have developed a safe and durable technology to help engineers, operators and buyers alike. With the option PLUS!TM design, the stabilised gear of the movement and the throttle screw reduces or eliminates pointer flutter that would otherwise make the meter unreadable, and helps dampen forces that can damage the movement and Bourdon tube.

The result: a reliable pressure indication despite vibrations or pulsations.

ThePLUS!TM version is available for a wide range of our process pressure gauges.





ASHCROFT is a leading provider of temperature and pressure measurement and control solutions for customers in a wide range of industries. We provide sensors, switches, gauges, transmitters and other instrumentation that keep industrial plants operating efficiently, reliably and safely. By partnering with us for their instrumentation needs, professionals benefit from:

Extensive experience

With over 165 years in business, we have a comprehensive understanding of industrial applications and processes. This insight enables us to develop equipment that is precisely tailored to the needs of the plant to ensure it runs efficiently, cleanly and consistently.

The ability to offer cost savings

Our extensive experience allows us to identify potential optimisation opportunities within a facility. By implementing these recommendations, industry professionals can experience better system performance, lower energy costs and greener operations.

Commitment to quality

Our products are compliant/approved with numerous national and international standards, including ISO 9001, ATEX, CE, UL and FM. However, our team is constantly looking for ways to improve our products and processes even further.

Durable and reliable products

Our sophisticated instruments – e.g. our pressure gauges and switches – are designed to work reliably even under extreme conditions. For example, they can be made of compatible wetted material for application environments with corrosive pressure media, or constructed in government-approved, explosion-proof designs for hazardous environments.

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