Implementation of an excellent sales structure for the pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical process industry in Ireland

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Our relationship with Ashcroft goes back over 25 years and is an important part of INSTECO’s business. Our first Ashcroft gauge was delivered within 16 weeks and consisted of a process gauge complete with diaphragm seal.

Over the years, we have now worked with Ashcroft to build up a stock of hundreds of pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, temperature gauges and switches, serving our market with very short lead times.

Our first sale of Ashcroft products was to an Irish site of a global pharmaceutical company. Today we supply Ashcroft products to this customer at all locations in Ireland.

These can be DXLdp differential pressure transmitters for clean room applications or 35-1032 process pressure gauges, but we also jointly sell stainless steel pressure switches for hygienic applications or standard measuring instruments into this market.

The common denominator of our collaboration for all applications is the attention to detail in the quotation phase in cooperation with the respective contacts and the compliance with the documentation requirements at the time of delivery.

We have built strong relationships with many Ashcroft personnel in Europe over the years and have gained the trust and respect that is mutual.

Our philosophy is to work together and get it right the first time.

With 50 FDA approved pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical facilities here in Ireland, we are proud to have established relationships with most, if not all, of them, supplying Ashcroft instrumentation.

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