Differential pressure and temperature monitoring for a large-scale printer series product

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Ashcroft is supplying the necessary instrumentation for differential pressure and temperature sensing for a large printer series from a leading global manufacturer.

In the paper web cooling system of a large printer, a high thermal load is generated by frictional heat. The necessary cooling of the process is ensured by continuous air flushing. The Ashcroft CXLdp differential pressure transmitter used is for air flow monitoring of the machine cooling. The high accuracy and especially the long-term stability of the transmitter make it an ideal product for an OEM manufacturer.

After photo printing, the process goes through the subsequent ink drying. For this drying process, accurate and reliable temperature monitoring is necessary to ensure the high quality of the printing results. Temperature sensing is handled in the manufacturer’s series product by Ashcroft ITS series products. Developed specifically for the OEM industry, the Industrial Temperature Sensor (ITS) series also meets the combination of technical reliability and commercial appeal in this application.

In addition to the technical evaluation, the supplier qualification focused on the reliability and flexibility of the delivery of goods. This requirement was discussed in detail with the customer and then realized by an individual stocking concept.

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