DXLdp Differential Pressure Transmitter

DXLdp Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Ashcroft® DXLdp differential transmitter uses patented Si-Glas technology, assuring precise measurement and control at extremely low dP pressures.
The Ashcroft® DXLdp differential pressure transducer is designed for use in high density panels in critical cleanroom, isolation room and control room applications. The DXLdp incorporates a DIN rail mount, LED status indicators and the patented Ashcroft SpoolCal® actuator to provide in-place system calibration without disturbing process connections. It utilizes Ashcroft’s SiGlas™ technology that enables unrivaled measurement sensitivity and long term repeatability. The DXLdp incorporates a host of features designed to reduce installation time and costs. It is also manufactured to Ashcroft’s straight forward TruAccuracy™ terminal point standard that eliminates confusion from statistically derived accuracy specifications and avoids the need for user calibration at the time of installation. Available in ranges as low as 12.5 Pa, the DXLdp is the perfect low pressure dp sensor for Pharmaceutical and BioTech applications, isolation laboratories, semiconductor and other mission critical  industries. It is backed with a three year product warranty.

Key Features

Front access test jacks provide on-line signal reference without disconnecting power supply wiring

The exclusive patented Ashcroft SpoolCal® actuator provides in-place system calibration, thus adding great value when validating a process on-line or calibrating the unit

LED indicator for trouble-shooting, correct wiring or locating product

Customizable configurations

Wide selection of differential pressure ranges

3-year warranty

Excellent long term stability

DIN Rail Mount is standard

High overpressure limit

TruAccuracy™ performance ensures the transducer meets its rated accuracy out of the box and is ready for installation with no additional calibration adjustments required.

Markets & Applications


Building Energy Management

Comfort Control Systems

Velocity Pressure


Critical Environments

Clean Room / Laboratory Pressurization

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Static Pressure

1.7 bar / 25 psi

Electrical Termination

Screw termination

Output Signal

4-20 mA (2-wire)

0-5 VDC (3-wire)

0-10 VDC (3-wire)

Many other voltage outputs


Bidirectional: ±12.5 Pa ... ±6 kPa / ±0.05 in. H2O ... ±25 in. H2O

Unidirectional: 25 Pa ... 12.5 kPa / 0.1 in. H2O ... 50 in. H2O

Wetted Parts Material

Aluminum, Titanium, PBT, Buna, Glass, Gold, Silicone Rubber, Silicon, Silicone RTV & Brass. NOT FOR USE WITH LIQUIDS

Ingress Protection


Case or Body Material

Glass-filled polycarbonate


DIN rail


Factory set fast or slow

Process Connection Style

Barbed fitting



≤±0.25% span/year at reference conditions


1% of span

0.25% of span

0.5% of span

Pressure Type

Differential pressure

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