CXLdp Differential Pressure Transmitter

CXLdp Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Ashcroft® CXLdp differential pressure transmitter uses the patented Si-Glas variable capacitance sensor, providing excellent sensitivity and long term stability.
The Ashcroft® CXLdp differential pressure transducer is designed for air handling applications including HVAC building systems, airflow metering and room pressurization control. It utilizes Ashcroft’s SiGlas™ technology that enables unrivaled measurement sensitivity and long term repeatability. The CXLdp incorporates a host of features designed to reduce installation time and costs. It is also manufactured to Ashcroft’s straight forward TruAccuracy™ terminal point standard that eliminates confusion from statistically derived accuracy specifications and avoids the need for user calibration at the time of installation. It is backed with a three year product warranty.

Key Features

Field-selectable output (voltage version)

3-year warranty

DIN Rail Mount is standard

Compact, rugged construction

Excellent long term stability

High overpressure limit

TruAccuracy™ performance ensures the transducer meets its rated accuracy out of the box and is ready for installation with no additional calibration adjustments required.

LED indicator for trouble-shooting, correct wiring or locating product

Wide selection of differential pressure ranges

Markets & Applications


Comfort Control Systems

Filter Monitoring

Blower Performance

Duct Flow


Critical Environments

Clean Room / Laboratory Pressurization

Fume Hood Control

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Pressure Type

Differential pressure

Static Pressure

1.7 bar / 25 psi

Electrical Termination

Euro style pluggable terminal block

Output Signal

4-20 mA (2-wire)

0-5 VDC (3-wire)

0-10 VDC (3-wire)


Bidirectional: ±12.5 Pa ... ±12.5 kPa / ±0.05 in. H2O ... ±50 in. H2O

Unidirectional: 25 Pa ... 25 kPa / 0.1 in. H2O ... 100 in. H2O

Wetted Parts Material

Aluminum, Titanium, PBT, Buna, Glass, Gold, Silicone Rubber, Silicon, Silicone RTV & Brass. NOT FOR USE WITH LIQUIDS

Ingress Protection


Case or Body Material

Fire-retardant ABS


≤±0.25% span/year at reference conditions


DIN rail


Process Connection Style

Barbed fitting



0.4% of span

0.8% of span

0.25% of span

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