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V02-2V 2 Valve Manifold

The Ashcroft® 2 Valve Manifolds V02-2V isolates the instrument from the process and bleeds the assembly allowing for maintenance and integration.

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1115A and 1115P Capillary Line Assemblies

The Ashcroft® 1115A and 1115P capillary lines are utilized when instruments need to be removed from direct contact with the installation point due to elevated process temperature, pressure spikes or design specifications.

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Cooling Device

The Ashcroft® cooling devive is direct mounted to the process or inbetween instrument and diaphragm seal, protects instruments from elevated process temperature.

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Flushing Ring

The Ashcroft® flushing ring is providing flushing connection for flush flanged or sandwich type diaphragm seals.

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V02-BVA High Pressure Ball Valve

The Ashcroft® high pressure ball valve-V02 provides systems with a quick, safety shutoff to isolate the process from the instrument assembly during shutdown and maintenance periods.

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32X Sanitary Diaphragm Seals

The Ashcroft® 32X sanitary quick-connect diaphragm seal is designed to provide immediate dismantling and reassembly for cleaning process media between scheduled process runs.

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