PL02 Pressure Limiting Valve

PL02 Pressure Limiting Valve

The Ashcroft® pressure limiting valve-PL02 protects the instrument assembly from severe pressure spikes.
The Ashcroft® pressure limiting valve-PL02 is designed to protect sensitive instrumentation by limiting pressure up to a specific set value and will only open once pressure drops down below a certain value. This device is often used to mitigate pressure spikes or other momentatary pressure events that can damage instruments like pressure gauges, switches and transmitters.

Key Features

NACE compliant assemblies

Available set point from 0.4 to 600 bar

Automatically resets after 25% drop in pressure from set point

Material certificates to EN 10204:2004 3.1

Prevents damage, loss of accuracy and / or rupture of sensing elements

Isolates and protects instrument assembly from pressure surges beyond the full scale of the measurement instrument

Markets & Applications

Hydrogen and Technical Gases

Pumps and Compressors

Chemical and Petrochemical


Oil and Gas

Water and Wastewater

Machine Automation

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Instrument Connection Style


Pressure Rating


Process Connection Size


G ½


Wetted Parts Material

Stainless steel 316L (1.4404)


Stainless steel 316Ti (1.4571)

Hastelloy C

Temperature Rating

max. 80°C


Built-in pressure snubbing design

Process Connection Style


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