T5500E Process Gauge with Output

The Ashcroft® T5500E process gauge with output combines a pressure gauge and pressure transmitter; reducing costs for multiple instruments.

ATE-2 Handheld Calibrator

The Ashcroft® ATE-2 handheld calibrator is an exceptional instrument performing precision measurement of pressure, temperature, current or voltage.

S5500 Gas Actuated Thermometer

The Ashcroft® S5500 gas actuated thermometer is a direct or remote mounted instrument providing performance while being highly resistant to shock and vibration.

V02-1V Gauge Valve

The Ashcroft® Gauge Valve V02-1V isolates the instrument from the process allowing for maintenance and integration.

V02-2V 2 Valve Manifold

The Ashcroft® 2 Valve Manifolds V02-2V isolates the instrument from the process and bleeds the assembly allowing for maintenance and integration.

V02-MV Multiport Valve

The Ashcroft® multiport valve V02 isolates up to three instruments from the process allowing for maintenance and integration.

1115A and 1115P Capillary Line Assemblies

The Ashcroft® 1115A and 1115P capillary lines are utilized when instruments need to be removed from direct contact with the installation point due to elevated process temperature, pressure spikes or design specifications.

Flushing Ring

The Ashcroft® flushing ring is providing flushing connection for flush flanged or sandwich type diaphragm seals.

Mounting Accessories

The brackets are designed for panel, wall and 2″ pipe mounting and give full clearance for ease of handle operation.

Pipe Connector

Straight Pipes and 90° Elbows are used when gauge syphons are not necessary due to the service conditions.

MDV Swivel Adapter

The Swivel Gauge Adapters enable the easy positioning of the pressure instrument in any direction through 360°.

Threaded Thermowells

The Ashcroft® threaded thermowells are utilized when pressure, high velocity and corrosive process media exist. This serves to isolate and protect the sensing instrument, and permits removal of a sensing instrument without shutting down the process.

12DDG/15DDG Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® 12DDG/15DDG direct drive gauges are an economical solution for measuring pressures within very limited space installations.

23DDG Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft® 23DDG Minigauge® is used for measuring pressures within very limited space installations.


Calibration according to DAkkS or in-house standards including certificate and calibration sticker


We check and repair all ASHCROFT® and HEISE® pressure and temperature measurement devices.


A new product test center has been completed at the Ashcroft Inc. world headquarters in Stratford, Connecticut. The facility has been outfitted with a host of specialized test equipment to simulate virtually any adverse operating condition that an Ashcroft® product may Encounter while in service.

V02-BVA High Pressure Ball Valve

The Ashcroft® high pressure ball valve-V02 provides systems with a quick, safety shutoff to isolate the process from the instrument assembly during shutdown and maintenance periods.

E2G – General Industrial Pressure Transducer

The Ashcroft® E2G general industrial pressure transducer is the optimal choice for a rugged, precise and repeatable solution for measurement requirements that are needed on a wide array of applications.

8008S Pressure Gauge

The Ashcroft 8008S delivers the advanced features of a larger gauge in a small, economical package for applications requiring an all stainless steel instrument for harsh environments.

E2F Explosion-Proof Pressure Transducer

The Ashcroft® E2X and E2F pressure transducers fulfills a wide spectrum of pressure sensing requirements when explosion or flameproof hazardous approvals are required.

LS Level Switch

The Ashcroft® level switch series LS is designed to measure liquid levels in both unpressurised and pressurised tanks.

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